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Athiriver flood victims warned against going back to their homes

Athiriver flood victims warned against going back to their homes


Friday April 26, 2024

KNA by Anne Kangero

Principal Secretary for Devolution Teresia Mbaika has warned Athiriver flood victims against going back to their homes after their houses were submerged by flood waters following heavy rains in the area.Mbaika urged the more than 2,000 affected people not to risk their lives and instead focus on safety and health.

Mbaika was speaking on Thursday at the Deputy County Commissioners office in Athiriver during a food distribution drive for the affected families who were displaced by the ongoing flash floods.

“You must take care of yourselves and not go back to your homes until the water levels go down,” advised PS Mbaika.

She acknowledged the Multi agency teams from the National and County government for their swift collaboration in evacuating the displaced residents and assured them of the government’s continued support.

The PS said the government has donated 100 bags of rice of 50kgs, 180 bags of beans of 50 kg, 100 bags of fortified foods, 100 pieces of jikos, 50 pieces of lamps and 5 bales of sanitary pads for women.

Machakos County Commissioner Josephine Ouko said her team will continue to monitor the situation and to cater for the needs of the affected families in Athiriver villages of Kwa Mangeli, Kwa Nzomo, Kinanie, Kyelenzi, 39, Graceland and Kisumu Ndogo.

She highlighted that the most affected areas in Machakos are Athiriver, Yatta and Matungulu Sub counties.

Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi said that the county is doing everything possible to ensure the families are safe and have basic needs.

Mwangangi said the government has donated 2000 containers of cooking oil, 2000 bags of Rice, 183 bags of maize of 90kg, 83 bags of beans of 90kgs, 1000kg of sugar and 210 blankets to keep the victims warm during this cold season.

The residents are currently living in rescue centers in Kinanie and Athiriver and have been given food, blankets, mattresses and warm clothing to cushion them from the cold weather.

Courtesy; KNA

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