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Bars closed in Kahuro as crackdown on illicit brews thickens

Bars closed in Kahuro as crackdown on illicit brews thickens


Friday, March 15, 2024

KNA by Bernard Munyao

The Sub-county security team of Kahuro, Murang’a has closed down more than 60 bars as the crackdown on illicit liquor dealers intensified across the country.

At least 100 suspects were arrested and charged before court with various offenses of contravening liquor laws.

Chairperson of the Sub County security team Fredrick Muli on Friday revealed that during the crackdown they also managed to arrest 28 people who were found in possession of bhang.

He explained some of the offenses found with the affected bar owners were establishing businesses less than 300 metres from learning institutions. In an interview with KNA, Muli who is also Kahuro Deputy County Commissioner noted that some of the bars in his area have been operating outside stipulated hours saying there were those also found selling alcoholic drinks to underage.

“In Wangu division, nine bars were closed and one person was arrested in possession of bhang. In Mugoiri division, 37 bars were closed and 19 people were found with bhang while in Murarandia, 14 bars were closed and eight people found in possession of bhang were arrested.

“Licenses of the affected bars were also confiscated and those arrested have been charged before court,” added Muli.

The commissioner further said the bars affected will be forced to reapply for licenses again after the inspection of their premises is done afresh.

“We have agreed with the county liquor licensing board to carry out inspection afresh and this time we hope only the bars that will qualify, are the ones to get licenses. In the sub-county, 181 bars were licensed last year but the sub-county has almost 300 bars where some lack the required documents,” explained Muli.

Few weeks ago the government announced a crackdown on substandard and illicit brews together with narcotic substances across the country.

In Murang’a County the exercise has seen the seizure of thousands of litres of second-generation alcoholic drinks and illicit brews as well as consignments of bhang.

Muli observed that during the crackdown they also closed nine agro-vet shops and 15 private chemists which were found operating illegally.

“The multi-agency team is also checking whether agro vet and chemist shops have valid operating permits. It’s unfortunate, some pharmacies were found being run by unqualified people and this puts the lives of locals at risk,” he added.

The commissioner called members of the public to assist the security team with information that will help apprehend those selling substandard liquor and bhang and also those perpetuating various criminal activities.

Towards the end of last year, police raided a residential house in the Kahatia area of Kahuro Sub County where manufacturing of second-generation brews was done.

During the raid, hundreds of assorted substandard alcoholic drinks were seized and one person was arrested.

Courtesy; KNA

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