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Busia based journalists Mark World Press Freedom Day

Busia based journalists Mark World Press Freedom Day


Saturday May 4, 2024,

KNA by Rodgers Omondi

Busia based journalists have been urged to articulate climate change issues.

Addressing the press during a forum to mark the World Press Freedom Day at Busia County Commissioner’s office premises on Friday, the chairman of Busia press club Joseph Abuje stated the issue of climate change was real and it was affecting everybody across the globe.

‘It is therefore my clarion call that we try to take our positions as journalists so that we can articulate issues in terms of environmental coverage,” he said pointing out that the role of media is to educate and inform the public.

Abuje hailed the press for offering coverage of the floods in Bunyala adding that both the County and national government had to support the flood victims.

“We have seen on many occasions that there is a lack of good plans despite the early warnings, our governments have not heeded, hence disasters lead to loss of lives,” he said.

He urged the national government to put plans in place so that they can assist county governments in terms of financing.

“It is very painful to lose lives simply because somebody is not prepared to take care,’’ he said.

Busia Press Club Secretary Elias Iteba said that there was need to capacity build journalists especially on the use of the digital platform and also urged the government to protect journalists when they are discharging their mandate.

Busia Deputy County Commissioner Chaka Nyamawi thanked the journalists for the good work they do, noting that journalists had taken the lead in exposing the ills in the society thereby complementing the work of the National Government Administrative Officers.

‘Let me congratulate them for sharing information and giving updates on emerging issues within the County,’ he said, adding that the media in Busia County have been very effective in information sharing and urged them to continue working closely with government agencies and exercise professionalism.

‘I also want to urge you to continue advancing media freedom and be professional in your work as you seek and disseminate information to the public,’ he said.

The DCC at the same time challenged the scribes to grow their career as they focus on greater appointments in both the County and National governments.

Busia county governor Paul Otuoma on his part commended the journalists for their good work and extended sympathy to journalists who have lost their lives while in the line of duty.

He observed that journalists are part of the governance system arguing that freedom of speech is the foundation of democracy, and this must be properly gated through the kind of work done by them.

“We must create an enabling environment where you are able to do your work freely and be recognised as an institution that is part of the governance structure, ” he said.

The journalists engaged in a peaceful procession towards the County Commissioner’s office before being addressed by the relevant stakeholders.

This year’s theme is; a press for the planet: Journalism in the face of the Environment Crisis.

Courtesy; KNA

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