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Busia Senator attacked by rowdy youth

Busia Senator attacked by rowdy youth


Saturday, March 23, 2024

KNA by Salome Alwanda

Busia Senator Okiya Omtata has condemned an incident where rowdy youth waylaid him in Busia town and stoned his vehicle on Friday.

Speaking to the press at Busia Agricultural Training Centre, Omtata blamed the incident on Busia Governor Paul Otuoma.

“Today, at around noon when I was leaving Busia law courts where I have sued the County Government for denying me access to information on the County’s operations, I met a section of youth who pelted my vehicle with stones around Busia County Assembly,” he said. He argued that the rowdy youth must have been sent by Governor Otuoma against whom he had filed the court case against.

“What is happening is against the law, but I will not be scared,”’ he said adding that he was elected by the local residents to oversight on the county’s governance.

The official insisted that he would pursue the case to its completion urging the youth to refuse to be used in settling political scores.

Omtata had filed a case in court seeking to compel the County leadership to allow him access information concerning a section of development projects in the County.

Earlier in the day, a Busia court, through Justice William Musyoka declined to issue conservatory orders seeking to stop the construction of a trailer park at Mundika area construction of kiosks within Busia town.

Judge Musyoka argued that the petitioner had failed to adduce evidence of irregularities on the ongoing projects.

Courtesy; KNA

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