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Cleophas Malala: We will not defend anyone involved in fertilizer saga

Cleophas Malala: We will not defend anyone involved in fertilizer saga

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) has called for a thorough proe into claims that some individuals within the government had colluded with roque traders in the supply of fake fertilizers to farmers.

UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala has termed those involved in the scam as enemies of the Kenya Kwanza development agenda.

In a media briefing on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, Malala said all relevant agencies should move with speed and ensure the cultprits are arrested and prosecuted.

“We are saddened that some individuals within government are trying to derail the implementation of the Kenya Kwanza manifesto especially the issue of fertilizer subsidy. It is sad that we have some cartels who want to take advantage of farmers using the program,” noted the ruling party SG.

“As a party, we call upon investing organs to deal with the cartels with utmost force that they deserve,” he added.

The former Kakamega Senator further said as a party, they will not defend anyone that will be linked to the scam.

He said law must take its course on all those involved.

“We will not defend anyone be it a civil servant or a member of our party. Anybody derailing the Kenya Kwanza agenda and manifesto must face the law,” he added.

According to Malala, the fertilizer subsidy program is a key element within the Kenya Kwanza government’s development agenda.

He noted that the program has had a positive impact on food security with production increasing from 44 million in 2021 to 66 million bags of maize last year.

“The government has invested heavily in this program and we want to assure Kenyans that they will be supplied with high quality fertilizer that will enable them produce more food for the country,” he added.

In the recent weks, there has been concerns that some of the fertilizer being sold to farmers at the National Cereals Board (NCPB) depots were of the low quality.

Some farmers have also reported buying the fertilizers only to find soil in it.

The matter is already under probe.

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