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Crackdown against illicit brews continues in Narok

Crackdown against illicit brews continues in Narok


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

KNA by Ann Salaton

A multi-agency team fighting against illicit brew trade in Narok county has confiscated over 500 liters of illicit brew in a liqour den at Majengo estate, Narok town.

The team led by Narok Central Division Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) Abdishakur Ali also arrested one person, believed to be the owner of the premises, who was operating without a valid license.

Among the illicit drinks nabbed include 30 litres of Chang’aa, 300 liters of Kangara and several cartons of second generation Alcoholic beverages.

Ali said the crackdown was prompted by a tip off from the intelligence source that the notorious brewer was operating her premises despite the government directive to close them down.

“I led a multiagency team comprising of police officers, chiefs and village elders who raided the drinking premises that was operating illegally and recovered the illicit brew,” he said.

The ACC called on the residents to report to his office any premises selling alcoholic drinks and which does not have a legal license from the liquor regulating authority and County Government of Narok.

“Only the licensed premises will be allowed to sell alcoholic drinks. I ask the members of the public to be on guard and report any person selling unregulated alcohol,” he said.He thanked the public for volunteering information and asked them to continue working with the authority to eradicate the illegal brands in the area.“Many families have lost their loved ones and others remained in poverty because of consuming illicit alcohol that harms their bodies. That is why we are encouraging people to only consume the drinks that have been legally allowed by the government,” said the ACC.

The local administrators have destroyed hundreds of litres of a mixture of illicit brew and second-generation spirit in the county since the ongoing crackdown against illicit brewing began last month.

Courtesy; KNA

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