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David Ndii lists bottom-up among ‘consequential political ideas’ in Kenya since independence

David Ndii lists bottom-up among ‘consequential political ideas’ in Kenya since independence

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

President William Ruto’s economic adviser David Ndii now claims since independence, Kenya has only had three political ideas that have resulted in tangible change.

In a post on his verified X handle, Ndii listed the Bottom Up Economic Agenda (BETA) among the three.

He further said BETA being implemented by the Kenya Kwanza government is based on his ideas.

The other workable political idea, according to Ndii is the 1965 Sessional Paper No. 10, submitted to Parliament by the then Economic Planning and Development Minister Tom Mboya, for debate in parliament in April.

At the time, the late Mwai Kibaki was Tom Mboya’s assistant.

The Sessional Paper 10 defined Kenya’s form of economic policies covering the period of 1964 – 1970 under the title African Socialism and its Application to Planning in Kenya.

Tom Mboya’s development plans at the Economic Planning Ministry were credited for Kenya’s development rate of 7%, which was sustained during his tenure as the Planning Minister.

“I am not going to be modest about this. We’ve had only three consequential political ideas in independent Kenya. The tricke down faux African socialism of SP No 10 of 1965 (Mboya-Kibaki), Second Liberation (“Young Turks”) and Hustler/Bottom Up (Ruto/Ndii),” Ndii said.

President Ruto has repeadelty maintained that the current model will help spur the country’s economy back to its place.

During his two-day tour to Boment and Kericho counties, the Head of State said the recent gain of the Kenyan shilling against the US Dollar was clue that things were starting to work out.

Meanwhile, Ndii claims the current economic debate in the country is centered on his ideas.

Under the current regime, focus has been on expanding the tax base so as to collect more revenue for a self-sustaining economy.

“The political debate in the country is, to a very considerable extent, about MY ideas. The thought of sharing a platform with political hecklers is hilarious. Maybe they can write a dissertation to improve their understanding,” said the economic advisor.

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