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Dedicated Nurses & Midwives Recognized for Their Commitment to Patients Well-being

Dedicated Nurses & Midwives Recognized for Their Commitment to Patients Well-being


Friday, May 10, 2024

KNA by Hellen Lunalo

The International Nurses Week is a global celebration that honors the hard work and dedication of nurses everywhere.

It takes place from May 6th to 12th, when people unite to show appreciation for the compassion and expertise that nurses bring to their profession.

This aligns with the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the trailblazer of modern nursing.

Since its inception by the International Council of Nurses in 1965, International Nurses Week has grown into a celebrated occasion that recognizes the invaluable impact of nurses on healthcare and society.

Dr Elias Maina, the Chief Executive Committee Member for health Kiambu County, stressed the significance of not only commending the crucial work of nurses but also recognizing their accomplishments during the nurses’ event held at Ruiru Level 4 Hospital, themed “Nurses Make the Difference.”

“Today is a momentous occasion as we celebrate the incredible impact that nurses and midwives have on the healthcare industry worldwide. As we conclude Nurses and Midwives Week, let us take a moment to honor and commend these dedicated professionals for their tireless efforts in delivering top-notch care and assistance to patients and families”:

Adding that whether it be bringing new life into the world or administering critical treatments, nurses and midwives play a pivotal role in fostering health and wellness across all levels, consistently exhibiting compassion and tenacity in their work.

“Nurses and midwives have shown remarkable courage and resilience in the face of overwhelming challenges, consistently being the cornerstone of healthcare systems. Their dedication, selflessness, and expertise not only deserve acknowledgment but also our heartfelt appreciation.” stated Dr Maina.

Deputy Director of Nursing Services, Mr Bernard Mwenga, praised the nurses for their invaluable contributions, recognizing their importance within the worldwide nursing community.

“As we celebrate nurses today, we may not always remember their names, but we cannot forget the positive impact they have on our lives. Nurses provide comfort, passion, and care for long hours without complaints.”

“I encourage each of you to embrace opportunities for research and evidence-based practice to enhance patient care.” noted Mwenga.

The annual celebration is important in promoting participation from a wide range of stakeholders, such as nurses, healthcare organizations, professional associations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Stakeholders collaborate to plan and host events that acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of nurses, including award ceremonies, learning seminars, community service projects, social media campaigns, programs led by nurses, wellness initiatives, volunteering opportunities, and opportunities for advanced professional growth.

The event celebrated and honored nurses who demonstrated outstanding performance in areas such as oncology, infection prevention, and scientific research, by presenting them with awards.

Courtesy; KNA

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