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EACC hits back at LSK President over withdrawal of graft cases

EACC hits back at LSK President over withdrawal of graft cases

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) has dismissed claims by the Law Society of Kenya President Faith Odhiambo that they have been irregularly withdrawing graft cases from the courts.

Odhiambo made the claims during a recent interview on Citizen TV.

According to the recently elected LSK boss, it was hypocritical of the anti-graft agency to be running a campaign against corruption yet they were withdrawing existing cases.

“EACC has failed Kenyans because it withdraws cases left, right and centre. I find it hypocritical for EACC to run campaigns to end corruption; they should start from within and clean up their systems,” Odhiambo said.

But in a rebuttal, EACC said the LSK President was out of order.

In a statement on X, the agency further termed the sentiments as embarrassing.

It insisted that it has no legal mandate to withdraw any case from the courts.

“It is not only shocking but also embarrassing for a person of the standing of the LSK President to display such ignorance of basic facts regarding the anti-corruption law enforcement process in Kenya,” EACC said in part of the statement.

“Does EACC have the power to withdraw corruption cases of a criminal nature? For civil matters that the Commission takes to court directly, can she state any single case that the Commission has ever withdrawn from court?” it added.

There has been concerns over the number of corruption cases that scrambled after the new administration took over power.

Some civil society organisations had read malice in the high number of cases withdrawn, some of which was of charges against individuals currently allowed to the government.

But according to EACC, it is false for someone to fault them for the withdrawal of the said cases.The agency has now challenged the LSK head to always do basic research before appearing on TV shows.

“Counsel is also sensitized that contrary to her false assertion that EACC withdraws cases, the Commission is in court opposing withdrawals that it considers inimical to public interest, and will continue to do so,” noted EACC.

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