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Focus on ‘tree growing’, not just ‘tree planting’

Focus on ‘tree growing’, not just ‘tree planting’


Wednesday, March 13, 2024

KNA by John Kaleke

The Narok Forest Conservator, Daniel Mukung’, has urged the residents, to ensure trees they planted grow and survive.

Mukung said that the County is making a major progress in tree planting, having already planted over Six Million trees, which translates to 14 percent, since the launch of 15 billion trees, planting initiative by the President.

The Forest Conservator explained tree planting as putting seedlings into the soil, while tree growing is a process that alludes to many events, until trees can sustain themselves.

Mukung’ challenged the residents across the County, to put more effort into maintaining the planted seedling, as failure to do so will be equivalent to not planting at all.

Mukung’ said that the County is targeting to plant 45 million trees every year, which translate to 450million bushes, for the 10 years programme.

Mukung’ added that the tree planting exercise in Narok County, is majorly done in the Mau Forest, where the eviction has been done with at least over 20,000 ha of the land, where various organizations have adopted 39 blocs, each Block measuring 100 ha of land.

He urged those that plant trees to ensure that seedlings that are grown in the County are those that can survive in the climatic condition in the County, to avoid death at an early stage.

Mukung’ said that planting of locally produced seedlings, plays a key role in uplifting the lives of locals who survive by producing the seedlings.

“We urged all that are partnering with us in the tree planting campaign across the County to focus on using the locally produced seedlings, so as to increase the chances of survival of the seedlings and uplift the livelihoods of those that survive by selling the seedlings,” said Mukung’.

Mukung’ added that the County is already experiencing the benefits of the ongoing mass tree planting, as the water levels in local rivers, have risen in recent years, as evident in the local Maasai Mara river and Ewaso Nyiro river.

He lauded the County government through the leadership of the Governor Patrick Ntutu, for spearheading the tree planting campaign across the county.

The Conservator also recognized the effort by the Non-Governmental Organizations especially Eden restoration project which he said has done a bulk of tree planting especially in the Maasai Mau Forest and other forested areas like Olpisimoru.

Courtesy; KNA

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