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GDC SACCO Holds Annual General Meeting for Githunguri Residents

GDC SACCO Holds Annual General Meeting for Githunguri Residents


Thursday, March 21, 2024

KNA by Cedric Karungaru

Githunguri dairy community (GDC) SACCO society held its Annual General meeting in Githunguri stadium to spell out to its shareholders on the progress and way forward for the SACCO.

Chairman of the GDC SACCO Joseph Mburu Gitau unveiled the performance of the SACCO for the financial year 2023 highlighting achieving Tier 1 category, which classifies a SACCO exceeding Sh.5 billion in assets.During the financial year 2023 the SACCO achieved a surplus noting a 13% return on dividends amounting to Sh.212 million and is now in a position to share dividends to its members.

“I would like to thank all our members, the board and our partners for continuing to support one another as people of Githunguri we appreciate your goodwill and patronage,” he said.

The event brought together shareholders of the SACCO while briefing on the achievement and way forward for the residents of Githinguri.County Commissioner Miyesu Ndarusi praised the GDC board for their continuous commitment to their members and the progress they have made in the financial year.

“GDC is more than a Kenyan SACCO it’s good work is seen internationally as well, and the results are real,” he said.

Ndarusi added that the farmer base of the SACCO is essential as the government continues to support cooperative wealth creation for the members.

“The farmers here whether dairy or avocado or whatever work you do the government will continue to use resources to grow the country and my office will provide the necessary support,” he said.

Courtesy; KNA

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