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Gogo calls for a special fund for medics

Gogo calls for a special fund for medics

Homa Bay,

Wednesday, March 20,2024

KNA by Davis Langat

Rangwe Member of Parliament Lilian Gogo has urged the government to ring fence funds for health workers in the counties.

The legislator said that there was an urgent need to find a lasting solution to the perennial medical workers strikes.

She pointed that it was unfortunate that earlier this week, negotiations between doctors and Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha failed to bear fruits thus subjecting patients to untold suffering.

Dr Gogo urged the government to set aside funds for the welfare of doctors and other health workers. Speaking at Bondo Primary school in Rangwe Constituency where she opened new classrooms, Gogo proposed that the funds for health workers should be sent to a different account from the ones in which other devolved funds are remitted to county governments.

“The government should set aside a special account for remitting funds for welfare of doctors and other health workers exclusively,” Dr Gogo said.

The MP argued that creating the special kitty will prevent perennial strikes of health workers in the country.

“The government should resolve all the issues raised by the health workers once for all,” Dr Gogo said.

She said doctors in Kenya need to be treated with dignity to protect the highly respected profession.

“A career in Medicine is a respected profession but the manner in which the government handles doctors is disrespectful. Let the government handle doctors and health workers with dignity,” she said.

She expressed concerns that patients were suffering due to the doctors’ strike.

“We do not want Kenyans to continue suffering due to the doctors’ strike. Health services are essential and we don’t want to lose lives because of the strikes,” Dr Gogo said.

Courtesy; KNA

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