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Government admits some fertilizers at NCPB failed standards test

Government admits some fertilizers at NCPB failed standards test

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

The Ministry of Agriculture has finally admitted that some of the fertilizer being sold to farmers for the planting season were not up to the required standards.

Subsequently, the Ministry has asked the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) to stop selling the said fertilizers.

Farmers have also been asked not to use the said fertilizers.In a statement on Friday, the ministry named fertilizers manufactured by KEL Chemicals as those that failed tests by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

However, the government insisted that other brands were of the top quality.

“ALL Fertilizers being distributed meet the required quality requirements except those manufactured and distributed by Ms KEL Chemicals branded Kelphos Plus, Kelphos gold and NPK 10:26:10, which did not meet all required test parameters,” the ministry said in part of the statement.

With the latest development, the Ministry of Agriculture said the government had instituted corrective measures to prevent further distribution of affected brands.

The said brands are believed to have been circulated between March 5 and 10, 2024.

“The Government has further seized and impounded all fertilizer stocks distributed by KEL Chemicals at the National Cereals Produce Board (NCPB) facilities,” the ministry stated.

In addition, KEBs has initiated legal action against KEL Chemicals for violating standards requirements.The move, the ministry said, was meant to ensure public safety and maintenance of quality standards.

“KEBS has initiated legal action against KEL Chemicals for distributing substandard products as per the Standards Act Cap 496,” the ministry said.

“This measure underscores the Government’s commitment to upholding stringent product quality and safety standards, ensuring accountability and safeguarding the agricultural sector and the wider public,” it added.

There has been concerns from farmers over the quality of some fertilizers bought from NCPB under the subsidy program.

Initially, Government officials dismissed the claims, terming them propaganda being pushed by those that do not want to see the fertilizer subsidy program.

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