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Government intensifies crackdown on narcotics in Migori

Government intensifies crackdown on narcotics in Migori


Monday, March 18, 2024,

KNA by Geoffrey Makokha

The multi-agency Security apparatus has intensified war against narcotics along the borders of Isebania in Kuria West Sub County-Migori.

Early on Monday, police manning Isebania Police Station in Migori County intercepted a consignment of bhang valued at Sh.9 million.

The operation, led by Migori Police Commander Mr Francis Nguli, targeted a high-end Toyota Prado SUV with number plate KCL532E, believed to be transporting the illicit substance from neighbouring Tanzania.

This month alone, two successful police operations have nabbed more than Sh.30 million worth of Bhang, and in February another consignment worth Sh.4.8 million was seized while in transit from Isebania town.

According to Mr Nguli, apprehending the vehicle was challenging, prompting police to resort to shooting its tyres as the driver evaded attempts to stop. Despite the resistance, law enforcement agents successfully detained two occupants, while a third one fled the scene on foot and is still at large.

The two suspects were arraigned at Kehancha law courts, to face charges related to narcotics possession.

The Police Commander emphasized the ongoing commitment to such crackdowns, asserting that individuals involved in illegal activities will be pursued and arrested.

Nguli disclosed that the successful interception of the bhang consignment underscores the effectiveness of cross-border intelligence cooperation, with authorities receiving vital information from their counterparts in Tanzania.

He added that such collaborative efforts remain pivotal in combating drug trafficking from law enforcement officials of the two countries. Kuria West Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Mr Andrew Mwiti highlighted a shift in tactics among drug traffickers, noting the use of upscale vehicles for transportation instead of traditional modes like Probox or motorbikes.

Mwiti affirmed that the shift to use high-end posh vehicles underscores the evolving strategies employed by criminals in the region adding that the fight against narcotics was starting to bear fruits.

Courtesy; KNA

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