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Government mobilizing resources towards environmental restoration in Dabel

Government mobilizing resources towards environmental restoration in Dabel


Thursday, March 21, 2024

KNA by Sebastian Miriti

The Government has warned of stern action against any individual trying to access the Dabel mining areas in Marsabit County, that have been declared as disturbed and dangerous by the government.

Consequently, miners who have mining equipment still lying in the 13 mining sites, have been asked to seek permits and hasten their removal.

Eastern Regional Commissioner, Paul Rotich, also said that mobilization of resources for environmental restoration in the closed down mining areas, which are dotted with deep holes and heaps of sand molds.

Mr Rotich noted that the CS Interior, Prof Kithure Kindiki, had given the miners four days window from the date of gazettement, 14th March 2024, to move out their machinery which has since elapsed.

The Security action was being enhanced as 10 suspected artisanal miners, were arrested as they made attempts to venture the protected area.

The Regional Commissioner asked the concerned miners to liaise with the County Police Commander for permits to access the gazetted area and remove the said machinery that include crushers and drilling equipment.

He reiterated that the mining areas remains a security operation zone and no unauthorized person could access it.

Mr Rotich who led the Regional Intelligence and Security Committee in a tour of the area asked the County Security Team to speed-up the removal of the said property in order to ensure effectiveness of the government action to pacify the area.He said that resources were being sought including personnel and machinery to rehabilitate the area which has suffered enormous environmental degradation.

During the visit, the team which included the regional police commander Joseph Napeiyan and the regional criminal investigations officer Benson Kasyoki noted that not much had taken place in terms of restoring the area to its normal state.

The crushing and processing equipment still litters the place, while the thousands of makeshift structures erected in the area by artisanal miners, are yet to be pulled down.

Mr Rotich emphasized that security remained top priority of the government and instructed that the structures which are largely made of polythene paper be demolished and burnt.

The Regional Police Commander advised miners with equipment still stuck in the gazetted areas, to seek guidance from the County Police Commander, through the local police Officer Commanding Station, on how they could access the area and remove their property.

“Let those with equipment at the sites make a report at the local police station and they will be guided on how best they could be facilitated to remove them from the security zones,” said Mr Napeiyan.

The illegal mining sites were closed down and the zone declared as dangerous after foreign artisanal miners fought over gold extract at Orofa Hillo where eight of them died.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Moyale Sub-county peace committee, Mohamednur Korme, has hailed the government for ensuring that there was peace and security in the area.

He said that the prevailing situation has enabled residents to live in harmony and to co-exist peacefully with their neighbouring Ethiopian neighbours.

Marsabit County Police Commander, Patrick Mwakio, said the security zones was under the watch of security personnel and nobody should make a mistake of trying to venture into the area.

Mr Mwakio told KNA that the suspects who were arrested as they tried to access the prohibited areas, would be charged in court.

Courtesy; KNA

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