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Government Orders Immediate Closure of Quarries, Sand Mines in Bomet

Government Orders Immediate Closure of Quarries, Sand Mines in Bomet


Saturday, May 4, 2024,

KNA by Lamech Willy

In response to the heightened risk posed by heavy rainfall that the Country is currently facing, the government has issued a directive for the immediate closure of quarries and sand mines across Bomet County.

Led by Bomet County Commissioner Omar Ahmed and key county officials, a joint disaster team has taken swift action to ensure the safety of residents and workers in these mines.

The order, which was announced during a press briefing held at quarries in Kyogong, orders the cessation of all quarrying and sand harvesting activities within the county.

Dr Omar Ahmed emphasised the urgency of the situation, highlighting the potential danger of cave-ins due to the ongoing heavy rains.

“We have suspended any quarrying/sand harvesting activities within Bomet County to avert any tragedy that might result from the mines caving in as a result of the heavy rains we are experiencing in the country,” stated Dr Ahmed.

Dr Kipng’etich Kirui, the Bomet County CECM for administration, reaffirmed the county government’s commitment to enforcing the closure order in collaboration with the security team.

This concerted effort aims to prevent disasters and safeguard the well-being of individuals working in and around the quarries.

Furthermore, a report from the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has shed light on the non-compliance of several quarry and sand mining sites in Bomet County with environmental regulations.

The statement issued by the County Director of Environment at NEMA emphasised the serious environmental and public health concerns associated with the continued operation of these illegal sites amidst the current weather conditions.

“The continued operation of these illegal sites compounded with the current environmental situations triggered by the enhanced rainfall pose a serious environmental and public health concern to the users and the general public,” read part of the statement from NEMA.

In light of these findings, owners of quarries and sand harvesting sites across the county have been urged to regularise their mining activities with relevant government agencies.

“This step is essential for ensuring compliance with environmental management and coordination regulations and promoting responsible mining practices,” the statement further read.

Courtesy; KNA

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