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Government to construct 1450 digital hubs across the country

Government to construct 1450 digital hubs across the country


Thursday April 4 2024,

KNA by Florence Kinyua/ Francis Anjilwa

The government plans to establish at least 1450 digital hubs in each ward across the country to enable the youth to acquire digital skills.The move will help bridge the gap and reduce the unemployment levels in the country.

Thus, Information, Communication and the Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo revealed that the plan was on course to fully equip the hubs to enable the youth access digital skills.

He said the youth will have access to a digital world, work, and earn a livelihood for developed societies through a platform.

“Thus, through ICT we will create jobs for the youths” he added.

The hub, equipped with internet connectivity, tutors, and computers, will guide students towards a digital era where they can earn and influence the digital world.

Thus, the initiative aims to connect residents with numerous and lucrative online job opportunities.

“We want the people to get linked to Australia, Singapore and Canada jobs right from the villages because the world is a global village,”noted Owalo.

Owalo announced that the government is acquiring affordable smart phones to enable the public to access all government services available on E-Citizen.

“We aim to prevent parents from obtaining necessary services due to bribery at government offices by providing easy access to all necessary services via smartphones,” he said .

Meanwhile, the CS implored on the students to work hard in their studies and to ditch antisocial behavior’s that are detrimental to their success in life.

“Education is the only inheritance you can get from your parents, so choose your friends wisely and work hard for your future” he advised.

The speaker emphasized that education is the most valuable investment a child can receive from their parents, and that discipline, commitment, and love for books are crucial.

Emphasizing that good performance is the only way to show gratitude to your parents.

The CS spoke at Gaichanjiru Boys High School, Kandara during the school’s annual assembly and prize giving day.

The school, which for many years has been one of the best performing in the county will receive a digital hub as well a move that will help the once academic giant reclaim its glory.

“We will support your school to have a digital hubs because I am aware that you are facing some challenges concerning the infrastructure but within one month we will have a digital hubs here” observed the CS.

He stated that computers and trainers will be provided until the school has its own teachers.

On the other hand, Kandara Member of Parliament Chege Njuguna urged the parents to be fully involved in the lives of their boys and to offer mentorship as they break for April holidays.

For instance, “Have a conversation with your child, show them the good and the bad side of life and show them the dangers of engaging in antisocial behavior’s that will derail and ruin their lives” he said.

As a parent, it is crucial to actively listen to and address any concerns your child may have about alcohol or substance abuse. Also present at the event was the area.

Legislator Chege Njuguna, KRA board Chair Anthony Mwaura, Area MCA John Munyua among others.

The area Member of County Assembly, noted that the county government is ready to support the initiative by providing land where the digital hubs will be established.

The deployment of ICT hubs in the wards is in line with the government’s ten year master plan that champions for the installation of hotspots in public centres to fully digitize the country.

Courtesy; KNA

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