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Investment Opportunity Offering Growth to Businesses Amid Covid-19

Investment Opportunity Offering Growth to Businesses Amid Covid-19

By Patricia Mataga

When you talk to most people , they will tell you , they want to retire or have a holiday home in Nanyuki. However, while some individuals find Nanyuki to be expensive, the locality has numerous opportunities that make it an ideal location for your business or residence.

Most business know Nanyuki for their Yearly Realtors Expo that takes place at Cedar Mall. The platform offers companies, corporate brands, government agencies and other non-state stakeholders an opportunity to interact, network, gather new business opportunities and engage with their target clientele.

The expo initially targeted the real estate sector players given the ever growing interest in land in Laikipia region but has expanded its network of exhibitors and audience across all sectors.

Since its launch 4 years ago, the expo has brought together more than 200 exhibiting companies and investors with a combined audience of over 20,000 people.

For instance, between September 24 and 26, 2021, the Realtors Expo will celebrate 4 years of good investment decisions where over 70 partners will showcase their best practice in Construction, Interior design, internet services, Home security, Hospitality, Property among others.

I had the pleasure of a sit-down with David Nderitu Ndung’u who is the team leader of this event and we discussed a lot about the this amazing fete that brings businesses from far and near together.

Hello David, Thank you so much for accepting to have this Interview despite your busy schedule . How are you , how is everything .

Thank you so much Patricia , I am well . We are busy making sure everything is in order and ready for the Realtors Expo.

When will the Realtors Expo take place?

The Realtors Expo will start on 24th of September and end on 26th of September .

What is the Theme this Year ?

Business Resilience in the face of the Pandemic

What a great theme , how did you come up with it?

Most businesses closed down and business dynamics changed when Covid-19 struck, so we wanted to do something to celebrate the businesses that survived and help the ones starting up. This is more like a business shower.

How many visitors are you expecting ?

We are expecting 4000 visitors

How any businesses are exhibiting?

112 Businesses will have a stand

How much does one pay to Exhibit their business?

The price ranges from 10000-50000 depending on the size of the business

Who are your main Sponsors?

1.Toyota Kenya
2.HMC Advocates
3.East African cables
4.Intra Africa Insurance
5.Cedar Mall
6.Urbanite among others

We have also received a lot of support and help from the county government of Laikipia .

What are some of the measures you have put in place by the Ministry of Health?

1.Nobody will enter without a mask
2.Every stand will have sanitizers
3.Sanitizers and washing of hands at the entrance
4.Temperature guns
5.There is enough space for the supply of fresh air
6.Red Cross Kenya will be on the ground in case of any emergencies.

David hopes that as time goes by, they can have Realtor expo in other parts of the country so that many businesses get to participate and learn a thing or two.

Despite the challenges they have faced , the Realtor expo team is glad that the event is here now. If you are in Nanyuki and its environs why don’t you visit Cedar Mall and attend this phenomenal event.

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