• April 16, 2024
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Irate Residents Torch Man to Death Inside a Pit Latrine

Irate Residents Torch Man to Death Inside a Pit Latrine

A robbery suspect lost his life in what can be termed as the most painful way after angry residents burnt him alive in Gatanga, Muranga County. The young man aged 30, had committed robbery the previous night and had gone to hiding.

On the morning of September 29, 2021, unforgiving residents dispatched a search party for the suspect with the aim of putting to an end the persistent robbery incidences happening in their sublocation of Kiganjo, Gatanga Constituency.

Unbelievably, the angry residents stumbled upon the man’s hideout which was close to his father’s compound.

In a bid to evade arrest, the suspect jumped into a 10-feet pit latrine to save his skin but his mission was short lived.

The agitated mob, ready to accomplish their mission collected firewood and other flammable materials which they threw into the latrine and started a fire killing the suspect on the spot.

However, members of the public have been warned against taking the law into their own hands and encouraged to report such matters for legal actions to be taken on the suspects.

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