• April 15, 2024
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Jimi Wanjigi Accuses Raila of Coast’s Economic Turmoil

Jimi Wanjigi has pointed an accusing finger at ODM leader Raila Odinga for the economic turmoils of Kenya’s Coast region.

Speaking during his campaign tour in the Coast, Wanjigi told locals that Odinga should not have supported the compulsory use of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) by cargo importers and transporters, a decision that saw most of the locals disadvantaged economically.

“If Mr. Raila was genuine as he claims, why doesn’t he convince President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene and rescind pick or pay order for SGR, which has left more than 40,000 jobs and about Sh122 billion taken from Mombasa by SGR?” Wanjigi said.

Wanjigi who is eyeing the top seat come 2022 with the ODM party was speaking at PCEA Church in Makupa before meeting Nyali delegates in Kongowea.

Additionally, Wanjigi said that the handshake should have benefitted the coast people who have supported Raila for many years.

“Mr. Odinga has influence and yesterday we saw him saying petroleum prices will come down this week, then why is it difficult to intervene and ensure transporters and thousands of workers who benefited from Mombasa port and other jobs that have been deprived by SGR are saved?” Wanjigi posed.

The businessman said claimed that the whole SGR idea was his, and was meant to improve the economy but its implementation by Jubilee administration missed the point.

Urging Kenyans to support him in his presidential bid, Wanjigi said that he will continue with his tours in the country until he gets enough numbers.

Speaking on Wycliff Oparanya’s move to step down from running for the presidency, Wanjigi says it gives him an opportunity to be nominated as the party’s flagbearer.

“Yesterday Mr. Oparanya stepped down. I don’t know why but what I know is that I have declared I will go on with my tours across the country until I get enough numbers ahead of National Delegates Convention, which will be announced soon,” he said.

The renown businessman is scheduled to continue with campaigns in Kilifi and Lamu later this week.

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