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KeNHA announces reopening of Nairobi-Garissa Road

KeNHA announces reopening of Nairobi-Garissa Road

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has announced the reopening of the Nairobi – Garissa Road.

The road was closed earlier this week following flooding at Arer Area, between Bangaley and Madogo.

“The flooding at Arer has compromised the road and diversion that was previously in use. This poses a high safety risk to the road users,” KeNHA said, adding that “This road, therefore, shall remain closed until the flood waters subside and the damaged section is reinstated.”

KeNHA immediately deployed its staff to deal with the washout once the water subsided.

On Wednesday, the authority said the road was safe for use.

However, it asked motorists to exercise caution as they approach previously affected areas.

“The Authority has undertaken initial repairs and made the washout areas accessible to motorists,” KeNHA announced.

“To ensure safety of all road users, motorits are urged to exercise caution as they approach, particularly, the previously affected sections at Arer area on Bangali – Madogo Road and Mororo area on Madogo – Garissa Road,” it added.

In addition, the authority asked motorists to avoid driving in fast moving water.

It also extended gratitude to road users for their patience and cooperation during the closure period and appealed to motorists to continuously adhere to road safety guidelines while on the road.

Several parts of the country have in the last few weeks been experiencing high rainfall.

The rainfall has already led to flooding in some parts.

On Tuesday, a bus carrying 51 passengers was swept away by floods.

However, all passengers were saved after rescue mission that was led by Kenya Red Cross society.

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