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Kenya being recolonized by USA – Ekuru Aukot

Kenya being recolonized by USA – Ekuru Aukot

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Thirdway Alliance party leader Dr Ekuru Aukot now claims the country is currently being recolonized by the United States of America (USA).

The former presidential aspirant further claimed President William Ruto is the one facilitating the recolonization.

In a post on his verified X handle (formerly Twitter), Dr Aukot accused the President of disregarding Kenya’s interest in favour of the US.

He described what is happening as “dictatorship in the making”.

Aside from the alleged recolonization, the politician who is also a lawyer noted that the Treasury was now being run by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“Let me dare say this: Kenya is totally being recolonised daily by the USA facilitated by President @WilliamsRuto’s now apparent belligerence, disregard for Kenya’s interest. It’s a dictatorship in the making,” Dr Aukot said in part of the post.

“The #IMF now runs our treasury,” he added.

In addition, the Thirdway Alliance party leader claimed there are some US business persons who are negotiating with civil servants their investments.

He also warned that with the current state of affairs, regional treaties that Kenya isna signatory to in the East African Community and Comesa among others are under threat.

“A group of private US businessmen are in the city negotiating with civil servants on their investments. Regional trade treaties with #EAC, #COMESA, @_AfricanUnion, etc, are under threat and being overlooked,” Dr Aukot said.

“Where is Kenya’s hard-won uhuru?” he added.

Kenya has had a close relationship with the US in the recent years, especially since President William Ruto ascended to power in 2022.

Ruto’s dalliance with the US has also raised eyebrows amongst players in the International relations.

Some experts have also accused the President of pushing the interests of the US in Africa.

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