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Kenyans puzzled as PSC re-advertises director general for health post again

Kenyans puzzled as PSC re-advertises director general for health post again

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Kenyans on social media have expressed concerns over the latest decision by the Public Service Commission to re-advertise the Director General of Health position.

The position is currently being held by Dr Patrick Amoth, but on an acting capacity.

It has been over five years since Dr Amoth has been acting in the position, and every time PSC advertises for the position, Kenyans wonder why he cannot be given the job.

The commission yet again re-advertised the position on Tuesday, sparking the same reactions from Kenyans on X (formerly Twitter).

“RE-ADVERTISEMENT for the Position of Director General for Health – Ministry of Health. Application Deadline: 9th April, 2024,” the commission said.

The previous advertisement for the job was also cancelled.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyas over the recent advertisement for the job currently being held by Dr Amoth.

@VinieO: The acting Director General has been holding that position for close to 5 years. He should have just read the signs and looked for another Job! Go where you are wanted!

@njoroge: To be sincere and honest @DrPatrickAmoth served with dedication and his life during covid 19 and for the last five years he has been acting DG Health, what’s his crime so that you can NOT put him on full capacity.

@engGeofreykim: Ile ministry ilipea Jackie Maribe Kazi bila hata notice but mkifikia Kazi ya Dr. Patrick Amoth ndio mnaweka billboards za advertisement. Dr Patrick Amoth has been in acting capacity but confirming him is where you drew the line. Maajabu!

@farmerwacira: Advertise for CS & PS instead. Everyone knows Dr Amoth fits the bill save for his name lacking the prefix ‘Kip’.

In the job advertisement, the Public Service Commission said interested and qualified persons are required to make their applications online through their website.

“Details of the post and mode of application can be accessed on the commission’s website,” PSC said.

It remains unclear why Dr Amoth has not yet been confirmed in the role.

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