• April 14, 2024
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  • Nairobi

Kenyans urged to embrace cotton farming


By Peter Ochieng

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka has called upon Bungoma residents to embrace cotton farming, citing a significant market demand due to a shortage of cotton in the country.

During a meeting with a delegation led by Industrialization Principal Secretary Juma Mukhwana and various cotton millers, Lusaka emphasized the economic potential of cotton cultivation, stating that it could uplift their financial standing.

“We have observed a decline in interest in cotton farming since the collapse of the Malakisi ginnery, but we are confident that this time around, things will improve,” said Lusaka.

Lusaka assured farmers of a readily available market for cotton, unlike in the past when farmers struggled to find buyers.

He also mentioned that extension officers are actively educating farmers on the benefits of cotton cultivation.

Meanwhile, Principal Secretary Juma Mukhwana, who is visiting the county, announced the distribution of 7 tonnes of cotton seeds worth 40 million shillings, free of charge, to boost farmers’ efforts.

Mukhwana highlighted the urgent need for locally produced cotton, as the current supply cannot sustain national industries for even a single day, leading to imports from countries like India.

“The cotton industry requires immediate attention, and our ministry is committed to supporting all farmers interested in cotton production,” Mukhwana affirmed.

He further stated that partnerships with county governments aim to enhance value addition to cotton products, ensuring maximum profitability for farmers.

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