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Kiambu celebrates the boy child in inaugural event

Kiambu celebrates the boy child in inaugural event


Friday April 5, 2024

KNA by Cedric Karungaru

The Department of Education, Gender, Culture and Social Services in Kiambu hosted an event at the County government grounds celebrating the boy child with focus on the need to address the challenges they faced, particularly unemployment.

Governor Kimani Wamatangi said there would be an emphasis on employment in the tourism industry in Kiambu whereby young men and women could take on a number of roles within the untapped industry as well as continuing to work for the county government in a bid to increase business opportunities in the county.

“We have the viewpoint our coffee farms, the Tigoni forest, many other tourist destinations and attractions that can be tapped as a source of employment for these men here today,” he noted.

Wamatangi said that there was a strong need for there to be a day to celebrate the boy child to show that he has not been forgotten pointing out that over the years, emphasis has been put on empowering girls with the boys being left behind.

“We are the first and only county to have celebrated the boy child officially, where we dedicate it to the men in our county who we will look after and provide the proper resources to make their lives better,” he noted.

Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife Dr. Alfred Mutua encouraged the men, explaining the need to look forward and build towards the future, emphasizing the duty that the county government has to its people, adding that he and the governor would help uplift the boychild.

“I want to encourage each and every one of you that your time will come and with the support of the national government and your governor, you will be able to lift yourselves up for a better future in Kiambu and for the country,” he said.

Edwin Njambi, a boda boda rider, expressed his joy at the effort put into the event, which showcased motivational speakers and people with opportunities for the youth.

He hoped that the government would continue to uplift its people by supporting their businesses and continue to create longer term employment opportunities.

“Today has been a great day for me. Speaking to other men from different places has given me motivation to keep my head up and keep working. We hope that as we have come out to show our support and appreciation the county government can do the same and give us more opportunities to exploit our potential,” he said.

Kiambu County has a population of 2,417,735 persons as per the 2019 Kenya People and Housing Census out of which 1,187,146 are males, with a majority of men being in the 18 to 35 age bracket.

Courtesy; KNA

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