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Kisumu doyen politician ditches ODM for UDA

Kisumu doyen politician ditches ODM for UDA


Tuesday, March 19, 2024

KNA by Milton Onyango

Kisumu doyen politician known as Mr. Josy Abiola and also popularly known as ‘groundnut shadow’ has announced his defection from ODM party and officially declared that he has joined the UDA party.

Speaking during a fund’s drive at Unji ACK church in Kabonyo Kanyagwal in Jadiboo Sub County he said: “I want to tell our people that where a inferno has broken out or the snake has bitten you is forever etched in your memory and my people are only too aware of the suffering I have persevered in ODM hence I have decided to officially join UDA and the Ruto team hence anyone with issues can raise them,” quipped AbiolaAbiola attributed his departure from ODM to what he termed as prolonged bitter frustrations.

“And I want to tell them to read the signs of the times as they know of my clout hence they should also know that many people have also crossed over with me,” Abiola pointed out adding that he is now committed to fully serve UDA with all his heart.

He further appealed to Minister Owalo to pitch camp in Kisumu West assuring him that he has prepared the ground where he claims the UDA party is now extremely popular including the establishment of a UDA office in the constituency.

He noted that the Luo nation is tired of dictatorial politics and were ready for the freedom and the dawn of a new era.Abiola at the same time exuded confidence that President Ruto would still clinch the presidency in the next general elections appealing to all Luos to support and work with Ruto.

Courtesy; KNA

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