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KPLC holds media campaign to enhance public awareness

KPLC holds media campaign to enhance public awareness


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

KNA by Fatma Said

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) is conducting a comprehensive media campaign nationwide, aimed at enhancing public awareness regarding various pertinent issues concerning the company’s operations.

Through these initiatives, KPLC endeavors to ensure that the public is well-informed about its operational procedures, addressing concerns, and fostering transparency for better customer relations and service provision.

The Government-owned parastatal is structured with 50.1 percent ownership by the Government of Kenya and 49.9 percent ownership by local and foreign investors.

Organized into eight administrative regions, it operates 49 business centers, strategically positioned across the country, with one in each of the 47 counties and three in Nairobi with a total workforce of 10,305, 986 being from the Coast and 490 from Mombasa County.

The Company’s diverse sources of power encompass geothermal, hydro, thermal, wind, and solar energy. This multifaceted approach underscores its commitment to harnessing renewable and sustainable resources, to meet energy demands efficiently.

Speaking at a Mombasa Hotel, during a media campaign workshop, the Regional Manager, Coast Region, Phineas Marete, highlighted that they recently launched a Token Identifier project that entails the updating of firmware for specific meters, to enable them to continue vending services beyond the impending deadline scheduled for November 24, 2024.

Marete said that besides the media campaigns aimed at fostering awareness, the lighting Company actively engages in roadshows and that they intend to initiate discussions with diverse community groups, including churches and mosques, to ensure nationwide dissemination of information.

He addressed the concerning rise in fraudulent activities, noting an increased number of scammers contacting customers and issuing threats of power disconnection, unless monetary demands are met.

The Regional Manager advised that the Company’s field employees, consistently carry official employee identification cards, as a measure to reassure customers and distinguish legitimate Company representatives from fraudulent individuals.

“Our security teams have been vigilant and proactive, which has resulted in several arrests related to fraudulent activities and moving forward, we emphasize to our customers the importance of utilizing only the official KPLC pay points for transactions,” Marete noted.

He said that the Company is collaborating closely with local administration and security agencies, to combat the issue of scammers impersonating KPLC staff.

The Regional Manager acknowledged that the Company previously faced service backlogs, due to insufficient materials, particularly meters.However, the Company has initiated a rapid response initiative, to expedite the resolution of outstanding orders for customers, who have already made payments.

The aim is to ensure all the customers are accommodated within the next three months.Marete expressed satisfaction with the six coastal counties, highlighting successful engagement efforts resulting in prompt payments without any significant outstanding bills.

Courtesy; KNA

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