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KPLC vandals arrested in Kisumu

KPLC vandals arrested in Kisumu

Saturday, 13 April, 2024
McCreadie Andias

Several suspects have been rounded up in connection to vandalism and robbery cases targeting Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) equipment in Kondele area within Kisumu Central Sub-County.

In a highly intelligent operation, DCI officers attached to Kisumu KPLC alongside Kisumu OCS stung 50 youths at White gate area believed to be masterminds behind the vandalism.

The raid saw one suspect Stephen Okunya Onyango, arrested while trying to secure nine binding roll wires and three aluminum cross-arm metal stands.

During the operation, two cars and three motorcycles were recovered impounded awaiting their claimants at the Kondele station while the suspect was taken to custody.

Upon interrogation, Stephen Okuya gave up four other suspects including Eddy Ochieng, Benard Owuor, Biron Wanga and George Otieno were rounded up at a car wash in Kondele while 14 drums of aluminum conductors and seven earth rods were recovered.

All the suspects have been booked in custody pending arraignment on Monday, April 15, 2024.

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