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Legendary Snake “Omieri” to grace Fiesta Celebrations

Legendary Snake “Omieri” to grace Fiesta Celebrations


Wednesday, April 24, 2024

KNA by Milton Onyango

The County government of Kisumu has arranged to showcase the remains of the legendary snake popularly known as Omieri during this year’s fiesta celebration.

This was revealed by the Kisumu County Executive Committee Member for Tourism and Commerce Mrs. Faridah Salim.

“As we marvel at the exhibition of the legendary snake Omieri let us remember the ancient tale and wisdom it embodies connecting us to our folklore and environmental heritage for Omieri reminds us of the delicate balance between humans and nature urging us to be mindful stewards of our surroundings,” Salim pointed out.

This happens even as residents of Nyakach sub county which is believed to be the original home of the legendary snake, led by Mzee Yano Ogongo are now demanding that the remains of the legendary snake Omieri be returned to its ancestral home of Nyakach from Nairobi where it currently is, saying it was whisked to Nairobi without the consent of the local community through public participation forums.

“And after the death of Omieri it was taken to Nairobi against the wishes of the locals where it still is, but we want it back because it is our daughter who should be in her motherland and not wandering anywhere else like Nairobi,” lamented Mzee Ogongo.

Courtesy; KNA

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