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Luo community urged to elect the young into political offices

Luo community urged to elect the young into political offices


Monday, April 1, 2024

Kisumu KNA by Milton Onyango

The Luo nation have been advised to ensure they elect young and energetic people into political offices who still have the strength and morale to diligently serve the people in the next elections.

The chairman of the Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency Mr. Odoyo Owidi pointed that a glimpse at successful African countries like Senegal were perfect example of the rationale for electing young leaders into political offices.

“The Luo nation should be led by a youthful leader just the way Senegal has shown the way hence the Luo nation should progress likewise,” pointed Owidi.

Owidi singled out Senegal that he noted picked a 41-year-old as their president saying the Luo nation ought to follow suit so they should get a crop of competent new young leaders who would compete favourably with leaders from across the continent.

Owidi at the same time challenged the Luo nation to wake up to the reality of the present politics in Kenya and find ways of working hand in hand with President Ruto whom he prophesied would rule the country for the decade.

“The fact is President Ruto will reign for the coming nine years and Luos should not deceive themselves. Let them read the signs of time how other communities especially their neighbours the Luhyas have towed the line hence the Luos should also secure their bargaining position at the seat of the country’s leadership,” he said.

“It’s gone and dusted that Kenya’s president for the next nine years is Ruto so let the Luo nation not deceive itself but make haste to secure their position for negotiation in good time,” challenged Owidi.

Owidi made the remarks when he presided over a harambee at Odienya Secondary School where his sentiments were also supported by Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo who equally called on the Luo nation to elect young leaders to political offices going forward.

“When you serve the government and retire at 60 years, even if you were an exemplary teacher, you are taken home and second retirement is decreed in the bible which is 70 years hence let the Luo nation not regurgitate old guards back to power particularly those above 70 years,” urged Owidi.

Courtesy; KNA

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