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Luo elders decry dying culture

Luo elders decry dying culture


Wednesday, March 27, 2024

KNA by Milton Onyango

Luo Council of Elders led by Chairman Odungi Randa has decried the dying culture of the Luo people.

Randa particularly decried the vanishing culture of wife inheritance that he noted was endangering the survival and prudence of the Luo nation.

The chairman pointed out that the Luo nation must find their way back to their former cultural roots for the sake of their future.

He reminisced that the ancient Luo families were closely knit whereby the wife of the deceased would approach her husband’s brothers through their wives seeking to be inherited.

Randa hailed the practice of wife inheritance saying it helped to safe guard families and ensured economic prosperity.

“There are traditional herbs that were taken that helped the inherited wife to welcome the inheritor to their homestead, who took care of the family including their property,” noted Randa.

He was speaking at the sidelines of the ongoing Luo International Community conference in Kisumu whose theme is “culture and tradition in the face of rapid climate change.”

Randa’s sentiments were echoed by his deputy Mr. James Ayaga who noted that another option in case one’s brother passed on involved the elders meeting to choose an appropriate heir to the deceased family.

The president of Luo international community Dr. Omondi Ogada speaking at the event pointed out that he hoped the meeting would go a long way in ensuring good relations within the Luo community worldwide.

Elizabeth Menya, treasurer to the Luo Council of elders urged the community to uphold crucial traditional norms which are in not in conflict with modern cultural practices.

Courtesy; KNA

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