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Makueni County issues update on rescue effort for lorry carrying people that was swept by raging floods

Makueni County issues update on rescue effort for lorry carrying people that was swept by raging floods

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

The County Government of Makueni has issued an update on the ongoing emergency response effort following an incident where a lorry was swept by flooding water.

According to videos of the horrific incident doing rounds on social media, the lorry carrying at least 10 people was seen trying to cross a flooded bridge, before it was swept away.

The lorry was attempting to cross the Muatineni River. It has been feared that passengers in the lorry have died.

The county in an update said the incident was reported at 3 pm on Friday, April 26, 2024, after which they immediately activated their emergency response.

“Our emergency response department was on Friday, around 3 pm, alerted about a lorry that was swept by raging waters while attempting to cross Muatineni river, Kasikeu Ward, with an unknown number of people on board,” read part of the statement.

“The department immediately activated emergency response systems to rescue those trapped in the lorry and others taking cover on trees marooned by the waters,” it added.

The county said a team of divers, health workers and Kenya Red Cross rescuers are on the ground in an effort to rescue those that were in the il-fated lorry.

But even as the rescue efforts continue, motorists have been asked to exercise extreme caution when crossing flooded bridges.

“We urge the public to be careful when crossing swollen rivers during this rainy season,” noted the county.

Several parts of the county have in the last few days witnessed heavy rainfall which has led to floods.

The floods have left many people homeless and at least 10 people dead.

Several roads have also been closed following the floods.

The Kenya Meteorological Department, in its forecast, notes that the rains will continue for the next few weeks.

Various government agencies have been asking Kenyans to be cautious and avoid crossing flooded rivers.

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