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Man held over killing of his estranged wife

Man held over killing of his estranged wife

Homa Bay

Thursday,April 18, 2024

KNA by Davis Langat

A man has been put in custody in Magunga Police Station after he allegedly killed his estranged wife.

Confirming the incident, Suba Sub County Police Commander Caxton Nduda said investigations had been launched into the incident.

He said preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect had been in a protracted wrangle with his estranged wife over custody of children.

He said the suspect surrendered to the police after allegedly hacking to death the woman identified as Winnie Auma.

The incident happened at Mwirendia Village, Kaksingri West location in Suba Sub-county Wednesday afternoon.

Neighbors said Auma and the estranged husband had been involved in serious domestic wrangles for more than three years before they separated.

It was reported that Auma quit her marriage with the suspect and was remarried to another man, about 15 km away in the neighbouring Gwassi North Ward.

Sometime after their separation, Auma reportedly sneaked back to her former husband’s home and took two children to her new marriage, leaving the man with three children.

Later, she lodged a complaint in Suba Sub-County Children’s officer to help her get back her remaining three children.

On Wednesday, Auma went to the suspect’s home and found him weeding in his farm with the children.

She demanded to take the children, leading to bitter exchange of words culminating in a physical fight. In a fit of rage, the man pounced on Auma with a panga chopping off her two hands before cutting her head. The woman collapsed and died on the spot.

The incident attracted a number of residents who heard the woman and the children screaming.

Upon committing the heinous act, the man took his panga and walked to Gingo Police Post where he informed police that he had killed Auma.

A neighbour questioned why the matter could not be taken to court for litigation to enable justice to prevail.

“The children should be counseled because they saw their mother being murdered,” he added.

The Sub-County Children’s Officer had accompanied the woman to the scene but he was chased by the suspect.

Ndunda urged couple in the area to seek guidance and counseling when aggrieved instead of taking the law into their hands.

“Couples should embrace the habit of seeking guidance and counseling from religious leaders and elders to prevent such heinous acts.” Ndunda said.

The body was moved to Sindo Sub-county hospital mortuary

Courtesy; KNA

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