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MP intervenes to have students with fees arrears to sit exams

MP intervenes to have students with fees arrears to sit exams


Tuesday, April 09, 2024

KNA by Ngasike Ezekiel and Peter Gitonga

Member of Parliament for Turkana South John Ariko on Monday intervened to ensure that students with fees arrears at Turkana University College were allowed to sit their examinations.

Turkana University College Student leadership had asked the MP to intervene to ensure their colleagues were not barred from sitting their examination that kicked off this week.

Ariko pleaded with the school management to give students a chance to sit for their exams as they waited for disbursement of funds for colleges and universities from the NG-CDF.

“I want to thank the university administration, management and leadership for the listening ear and quick response to give access to the students to do their semester exams. Institutional cohesiveness breeds a peaceful community, a developed society and for this I want to appreciate the efforts by the University resulting in acceptance of students to sit for exams,” he said.

He said the constituencies had only received 30 percent of their allocation and had not been able to meet all the bursary and scholarship obligations.

“Turkana South NG-CDF has already disbursed funds for all secondary schools. Out of the Sh25 million budgeted for Colleges and Universities bursaries, we had received Sh20 million initially. We received the balance of Sh5 million last week which we shall disburse to the colleges and universities,” said Ariko.

Addressing the students at the TUC, the MP challenged students in institutions of higher learning to mobilize resources by applying for bursaries and scholarships from the County government and NG-CDF.

MP Ariko also declared his intentions to vie for Turkana County gubernatorial position in 2027 and challenged the sitting governor to accept that he has a competitor for 2027 elections.

He further added that intimidations would not stop him from criticizing the office of the Governor of Turkana County.

He also appreciated those that criticized his office as a Member of Parliament for Turkana South for having improved his leadership.

“I want to thank those who criticize me as the Member of Parliament for Turkana South because that has really supported me in improving my leadership,” he said.

He persuaded the voters of Turkana County that he holds all the qualities required for the position of a Governor and that he is always motivated when he delivers what he promised his constituents.

Courtesy; KNA

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