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Nanyuki residents counting losses due to heavy downpour

Nanyuki residents counting losses due to heavy downpour


Wednesday, April 24, 2024

KNA by Muturi Mwangi

With the onset of the rainy season, Benson Mutuku, a tree grower in Nanyuki expected a boon from seedlings sale but as fate would have it, he is now counting huge losses following heavy downpour that has destroyed his business.

Mutuku, narrating the incident to KNA, said that the raging waters of River Nanyuki swept away about Sh300, 000 worth of tree seedlings in Nanyuki town as he watched helplessly on Tuesday afternoon.

“I have incurred a huge loss, almost Sh300, 000, everything is gone and I don’t know what to do now. This rainy season I was well prepared and if the rains continue, I have nothing to sell,” pensive Mutuku said.

Additionally, he said that it was his first time for such losses and urged the government to help the tree growers that were affected to jumpstart their businesses.

“If it is possible, since we are keen on environmental conservation, the government needs to come for our aid and support us. My children are depending on me and now I don’t know where to start,” said Mutuku.

Mutuku is among the scores of residents that were affected by the on-going rainfall in Laikipia County.

Further, motorists plying to Nanyuki-Timau route were caught up by the heavy rains causing them to seek alternative diversion after the River Nanyuki submerged the Nanyuki Bridge.

There was traffic snarl up for nearly an hour before the rising water subsided.

Laikipia County Commissioner Onesmus Kyatha said about seven families in Likii informal Settlement and William Holdings animal sanctuary were affected by the flush floods.

He said the government was monitoring the situation and there was no need for an alarm.

At the same time, the CC encouraged residents staying in areas prone to flooding to move to safer grounds.

Meanwhile, according to the Kenya Meteorological Department weekly weather forecast, the current rainfall is expected to continue in several parts of the country.

The weatherman warns that flooding is expected in low lying lands and places with poor drainage and at the same time the public should be cautious.

Courtesy; KNA

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