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NICHE Programme to benefit more in West Pokot

NICHE Programme to benefit more in West Pokot


Thursday, April 25, 2024

KNA by Richard Muhambe

The government has initiated Nutrition Improvement through Cash and Health Education (NICHE) that is aimed at improving the nutrition and health standards of Inua Jamii beneficiaries.

NICHE aims to improve the welfare of vulnerable groups in society through sensitisation and training on proper nutrition and Health standards.

West Pokot County Coordinator for Children Services Phillip Wapopa said the programme has received accolades with beneficiaries having used the funds to uplift their living standards.

Mr Wapopa said they have partnered with Community Health Promoters in training and sensitizing the vulnerable groups on proper nutrition and health and so far cases of malnutrition and poor health standards have gone down.

Speaking during a sensitisation forum on Nutrition Improvement through Cash and Health Education (NICHE) for those under the Inua Jamii Cash Transfer programme at Siyoi, Wapopa said some families did not know how to utilize their monthly stipends properly.

“Currently we have a total of 2,450 on the NICHE programme and with the ongoing On-Demand Registration (ODR), more beneficiaries will be captured. The Sh500 that is added on top of the Sh2,000 received under Inua Jamii will go a long way in improving health among them,” noted the Children Services Coordinator.

He clarified that so far the county has 14,600 people benefitting from the Inua Jamii Cash Transfer among them 9,000 elderly, 5,000 orphaned and below 1,000 people with Disabilities, with mobilisation expected to capture more.

County Nutrition Officer Leah Chelopei said stunted growth was the greatest health challenge with the county standing at 34 per cent according to the latest Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS).

Ms. Chelopei noted that the chunk of those experiencing stunted growth were those from the vulnerable backgrounds lauding the NICHE programme that will help alleviate the challenge.

“I must appreciate the government for supporting the vulnerable to supplement their dietary needs. Some of the beneficiaries of the Cash Transfer programme have children below 2 years who need adequate nutrition for their normal growth,” stated the Nutrition official, asking the beneficiaries to use the funds in improving their nutrition standards.

She argued that with multiple social protection initiatives, cases of malnutrition and poor health will have been dealt a great blow which have been identified as a threat to family stability.

Kapenguria Division Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) Ruth Wacera advised the beneficiaries to use the funds prudently and not engage in unproductive activities such as alcohol and drug abuse.

Ms Wacera noted that those who have used the funds well have a reason to smile because some burdens have been withdrawn from them.

Beneficiaries on their part narrated their tidings since they started receiving the funds with some acknowledging that their lives are solely pegged on the amount they get.

“I can confirm that since I started receiving the money my life is a comfortable one. I buy food, clothes and meet other basic needs courtesy of the money. I cannot imagine what my life would be for all those years if there was no such support from the government,” said the 80-year-old Selina Chebiwott.

Another beneficiary Ms. Naomy Chepchumba said owing to her disability she cannot move around to engage in income generating activities to support her needs calling on the government to upscale the amount especially for people like herself who are gravely disadvantaged.

Other beneficiaries said the additional Sh500 is welcome and pleaded for more, arguing that they incur transport expenses while going to collect the amount from the Town.

Courtesy; KNA

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