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‘Nimetoa uchumi kwa mtaro,’ Ruto tells Kenyans

President William Ruto on Thursday said he was ‘super proud’ of what the Kenya Kwanza administration has done, in stabilising the country’s economy.

Ruto assumed office as Kenya’s 5th President in September 2022, with the economy in ICU, at least according to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Speaking in Kericho County on Thursday, Ruto said they had done the ‘donkey work’ in taking the country’s economy out of the trenches.

“Mimi niliwaeleza mnipatie nafasi kidogo ninyoroshe hii uchumi. Kidogo ilikuwa imeenda ilikuwa imeingia kwa mtaro. Sasa nimetoa kwa mtaro hata mambo ya dollar mnaona vile inaanza kushika laini,” he said.

This translates to, “I urged you to give me some little time so that I improve the economy, it had gone to the trenches. I have removed it from the trenches, and now the issue of the dollar is getting better.”

He said Kenyans should expect good news from the Energy and Petroleum Authority (EPRA) as far as prices of fuel is concerned.

“Na leo mtatangaziwa mambo ya mafuta imeanza kuenda laini kwa sababu tuanataka kuhakikisha kwamba kenya inasonga mbele bila ya mzingo na hatari ya mambo ya madeni (And today new fuel prices will be announced. The price will go down because we want to ensure that Kenya develops without the burden of debt.”

“We must be careful as a nation not to contract debt that has the possibility of making our country fall. That is why we are going to use local interventions and revenue to drive our development and reduce borrowing.”

The president later opened the Belgut Technical Training Institute (TTI) Digital Hub in the ‘green county.’

He stated that empowering youth with contemporary, in-demand skills not only boosts their competitiveness in the job market, but also enhances their capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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