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Open Day for Vaccination in Busia as World Immunisation Week Ends

Open Day for Vaccination in Busia as World Immunisation Week Ends


Tuesday April 30, 2024

KNA by Rodgers Omondi

Residents of Busia County were vaccinated against vaccine preventable diseases in an open day conducted by the ministry of health through National Vaccines and Immunisation Programme (NVIP) to mark the end of world immunisation week at Brimaxa Hospital in Busia.

Speaking during the process, County Expanded Programme on Immunisation Logistician Juliet Kilima said the vaccination is for everyone as they have vaccines that cover different categories stating that the aim of the programme is to ensure that the community is free from vaccine preventable diseases.

“We are commemorating the world immunisation day by sensitising the community on matters immunisation and encouraging them to be immunised. We are offering all immunisable vaccines to all the age cohorts .We have PCV for the children, HPV for the girls between 10- 14 years and covid-19 for the adults among other vaccines,” she said.

Kilima encouraged the public to come out and be vaccinated stating that the process is continuous and available in all public health centres.

“My plea to the public is that they should come out and be vaccinated. Prevention is better than curing. When you visit all public health centres you will get these services so they should help the ministry in the fight towards eradicating vaccine preventable diseases,’ she said.

Ismail Abdulilah, CEO Brimaxa Hospital stated that they partnered with the Busia county Referral Hospital in ensuring that the process is effective stating that open vaccination will continue at the place for the whole week.He urged the public take advantage and be vaccinated to save them from life threatening conditions.

‘’This open day is from a good partnership between Busia County Referral Hospital and Brimaxa Hospital. The public should take this advantage and be vaccinated as it will save and protect them from life threatening conditions. It will also help to protect the future generation because it’s safe, “he said.

According to Kenya Demographic Health Survey 2022, 8 out of 10 children below the age of two years have been vaccinated.

This indicates that there are still some children who have not been vaccinated putting them at the risk of contracting vaccine preventable diseases.

The goal of this year’s world immunisation week was to reach all eligible populations with life-saving vaccines and increase the immunisation coverage.

Courtesy; KNA

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