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Parliamentary Comittee give Kibos Rice green light

Parliamentary Comittee give Kibos Rice green light


Monday May 6 2024

KNA by Milton Onyango

The Parliamentary Committee on development on Friday visited the new rice mill at Kibos that is being constructed by the Lake Basin Development Authority.

The committee appealed to the government to fast track the allocation of funds to be used in completing the construction of the factory to help uplift rice farming in the area.

Maragua MP Mary Wamaua who is also the Deputy Chair of the Committee said, “I want to say today that they have done great though there are few challenges pertaining to the money that has been appropriated to them that has not been given 100 per cent but we have seen the much that has been given to them has been made good use of and there is value for money although there are some projects that have not yet picked up because the money required is a lot”.

Wamaua further noted that the rice mill would greatly help improve the economic status of the rice farmers in Nyanza region.

“This is a project totaling Sh75 million and there is still some pending money. Yet they are producing because they are able to buy rice from farmers and they are milling and whatever they are getting. They are then able to sell and therefore this is a promise to the farmers that they grow rice for there is a ready market and when they sell, they get money that can help them meet related expenditures like paying the staff and have something extra to use in running the project,” she noted.

Matungu MP Peter Nabulindo noted that the new Kibos mill has the potential to employ many workers thereby easing the prevailing unemployment rate.

Courtesy: KNA

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