• April 18, 2024
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Police Boss Issues Strict Directive To Curb Extortion Among Officers

Nairobi Regional Police Commander Augustine Nthumbi has issued new directions in a bid to curb cases of police officers extorting money from bar, club and liquor store owners.

In a statement on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, the regional police boss said that only uniformed officers in the company of an inspector would have the responsibility of ensuring that those in the alcohol business have met the operation requirements.

Nthumbi cautioned officers against contravening this directive, saying that disciplinary action would be taken against errant officers. It was not immediately clear what the disciplinary action would entail.

“Officers not based in their area of operations should cease forthwith from conducting any police duties outside jurisdiction. If so departmental action will be taken against any person contravening this directive forthwith, “ the statement read in part.

This comes amid concerns about corruption in the police force that has allowed unscrupulous people to enter the liquor business and to operate without licenses. The sight of police officers receiving money from this operators has become a normal occurrence, endangering the lives of Kenyans.

In August, 5 people perished in Nakuru, while 12 others were hospitalised after consuming illicit brew. Police officers and the local administration were accused of turning a blind eye to the selling of the killer brew.

In the capital, Nairobi, alcohol businesses without operation permits part with a daily fee that is offered to police officers. Speculation is rife that the junior officers who collect the bribes are usually under the instructions of their bosses up the chain.

This unholy alliance between the officers and the unscrupulous liquor store owners continues to undermine the war on illegal brews.

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