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Police on the Spot After Man Dies in Custody

Police on the Spot After Man Dies in Custody

The police are yet again on the limelight for the wrong reasons after a man died in their custody. Narrating the ordeal, Nixon Mbaki who was identified as the man’s cousin said that Muli Nduva, was arrested by the Kangundo Police on Thursday ,September 16.

The two were enjoying a drink that fateful evening together with their friends in a bar in Tala, when men in uniform led by Tala OCS Timothy Mwangi arrived in a land cruiser and summoned him outside.

“When he followed the officer out of the bar ,it was the last time I saw him alive. He’s well known in the area, even by the police,” Mbaki told the Daily Nation.

The concerned cousin later stepped out of the bar after a few minutes to get a glimpse of what was happening when his cousin did not return to the pub.

The police claimed to have released Nduva upon being questioned by his cousin and pointed at a man walking away where upon catching up with the man he discovered he was not Nduva and decided to return to the police to get answers about his cousin once more.

“when I went back to the police they threatened to arrest me,” narrated Mbaki

It was later the following day when Nduva’s body was found on Friday September 17, at the City Mortuary with injuries on his arms and private parts.

The police however said that the deceased had taken acid while in custody. Its not yet clear why the police had arrested the named man and what exactly happened to him till he met his death .

The mother of the deceased now wants an explanation as to what really happened to her son before his untimely death ,wondering how his body was found at the city’s morgue all the way from Kangundo.

“I want to know who took my son to the hospital and how he ended up at the mortuary in Nairobi,” she mourned.

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