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Port of Mombasa welcomes another Grand Cruise Liner

Port of Mombasa welcomes another Grand Cruise Liner


Thursday, March 28, 2024,

KNA by Fatma Said

The Port of Mombasa has welcomed MS Ambience cruise vessel from the United Kingdom on its inaugural voyage to the coastal shores that departed from Victoria Port in Seychelles bearing 1700 passengers from various nationalities who will be spending two days exploring the coastal town.

The ceremonial welcome underscores the collaborative efforts between the Government and the tourism sector in promoting Kenya’s vibrant coastal offerings to international visitors.

It also marks a significant milestone for the Port’s growing prominence as a preferred destination for international cruise liners which has been receiving a continuous influx of vessels since the commencement of the circuit in September last year.

This has been supported by the now operational ultra-modern Cruise Terminal which was developed by the Authority to enhance passenger experience at the Port of Mombasa and solidify Kenya’s position as a hub not only for cargo operations but also for cruise tourism in Africa.

More vessels are expected at the port before the cruise season ends next month. MS Ambience will sail to Durban from Mombasa.

The arrival of MS Ambience operated by Ambassador Cruise Line, was met with a warm reception by the Tourism Principal Secretary, John Ololtuaa, alongside officials from the Kenya Tourism Board.

The PS said that the cruise ship is on a 132-day cruise around the world and that the 2 days it is docking at the coast will still be of great impact compared to other ships that dock for 1 day or a few hours before taking off.

“The tourists will be visiting Tsavo, and Amboseli and also touring the city of Mombasa. This will significantly impact the economy of the County,” the PS said.

He added that since the beginning of the year, the port has welcomed four cruise ships, bringing a total of 8,366 visitors, inclusive of tourists and crew members.

He expressed his appreciation to the Government and the Port for the refurbishments that have been made, emphasising their significant impact in enhancing the port’s capacity to accommodate visitors.

“These improvements have enabled the port to now host up to 140,000 visitors annually, underscoring its growing appeal as a premier cruise destination,” he said.

Courtesy; KNA

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