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PS Omollo calls for collaboration in fostering prosperity


By Peter Ochieng

Principal Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Interior and National Administration Raymond Omollo has called for collaborative efforts between the national and county government officers, so as to ensure economic prosperity.

Speaking during a capacity building forum for the government’s food and nutrition security agenda at a Kisumu hotel on Thursday, Omollo said President William Ruto’s administration has embarked on a mega development journey, through the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA).

He said that all the plans under BETA will go down the drain, if collaborative efforts fail to bear fruits.

“Let us renew our commitment to not only continue these efforts but to also resolve any bottlenecks that may impede our progress.  Together, we can redefine the future of our nation and ensure a prosperous, secure and healthy Kenya for all,” said the PS.

Omollo said he serves in the development and implementation framework, within which they guide actions to ensure that development projects are well resourced and meet all statutory requirements for success. 

“We are committed to identifying and managing risks associated with development projects and promoting accountability to build trust among stakeholders, including the public and development partners,” he said.

“Moreover, we are dedicated to promoting inter-governmental relations in line with the provisions of our constitution and are tasked with collaborating, cooperating, and consulting with county governments to ensure a whole of government approach,” added the PS.

On the ground, the PS said regional and county implementation coordination and management committees are diligently working, to enhance the coordination of the projects. 

He spoke of his appreciation to the partnership of organisations, like Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in supporting the government’s food security initiatives, a cornerstone of the Kenya Kwanza Manifesto and a top priority for our administration. 

On his part, Kisumu governor Anyang’ Nyong’o said the two levels of government, that’s the national and county  are like siamese twins co-joined at the hip. 

“One cannot do without the other. The two governments have their roles well spelled out in the constitution. Chapter 11 of the constitution says Kenya has one indivisible sovereign nation with 48 governments. The two levels of government are distinct but interdependent and shall conduct their affairs based on consultation and cooperation,” said the county Chief.

He said that Kisumu is a case study,  because of the cordial relationship they have had with senior national government officials serving in the Lakeside county.

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