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PSG urges government to prioritize health, transport and public sector workers

PSG urges government to prioritize health, transport and public sector workers


Wednesday March 27, 2024

KNA by Stacie Ang’aya/Florence Munyoki

The Public Service Governance (PSG) has urged the government to prioritize public service budgets terming them essential during a press conference to discuss the state of the nation’s governance concerning health, transport and the government wage bill.

Speaking at a Nairobi hotel, Ambassador Esther Waringa, PSG president noted that crucial sectors such as the health, education and transport are not adequately financed and the government’s intention to reinstate the CAS’s positions through parliament, negates the prudent fiscal management.

Waringa lamented that the government wage bill is too high and is rewarding the political class while professionals like doctors, teachers and agriculturalists are paid lower than politicians.

“All the money being budgeted to pay the political class must be used to streamline our medical facilities, education sector and infrastructure,” maintained Waringa.

Further, she advised that the Michuki rules should be refined and reinstated as they control regulations on overloading, over speeding, roadworthiness of vehicles, corruption and bribery on the roads.

She urged the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to enforce strict rules against bribery, over speeding, overlapping and playing heavy non-essential music on public transport vehicles.

According to Waringa, the country is becoming ungovernable as Kenyans are paying taxes but the government has no transparency citing the doctors’ strike and the teachers’ impending strike.

“The government has enough money to take care of doctors and anyone serving in the public service should be first priority,” voiced Waringa.Nevertheless, she commended the Office of the Deputy President for the good work in doing away with drugs and closing down unnecessary bars.

Courtesy; KNA

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