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Residents call for urgent action as sewage pollutes Tudor beach

Residents call for urgent action as sewage pollutes Tudor beach


Thursday, March 21, 2024

KNA by Abdulrahman Allui

Residents of Tudor in Mvita Sub-county have raised alarm over the pollution of beach line by domestic sewage discharge, thus risking contamination and disease outbreak.

The issue has been aggravated by the proliferation of new skyscrapers in recent years, overwhelming the existing capacity of sewage infrastructure.

The once pristine beach is now contaminated, posing serious health and environmental risks to human, aquatic lives and plants.

Khelef Khalifa, the Director of Muslim for Human Rights (MUHURI), urged the County Government of Mombasa, to address the pollution issue affecting the residents who have lived in the area for eons.

Khalifa criticized the developers of new buildings in the area for not adopting environmentally friendly waste disposal such as bio-digesters, which filter out contaminants from wastewater resulting in sewage being disposed of directly onto the beaches.

“Remedial action ought to be taken and I suggest that the County government should consider blocking outlets that are conduits of sewage, particularly those utilized during rainy seasons,” said Khalifa.

The Director further highlighted the significant risk, posed to the health of residents, as well as visitors to the area, including hotels, schools and a Catholic Church, along the route of the sewage flow.

Sammy Mohamed, the Chairman of the Tudor Youth Group, which focuses on maintaining a clean environment, mangrove conservation and lifesaving efforts, said the sewage has devastating effects on the mangroves.

Mohamed emphasized the vital role mangroves play in providing a pleasant aroma and serving as habitats for fish, but due to the destruction of the mangroves, fish populations have significantly reduced.

Hussein Muhammad, a Tudor resident, said the community can no longer swim in the hitherto clean beach due to effluents.

He cited skin rashes and diarrhoea among residents due to exposure to contaminated water.Moreover, sewage disposal has crippled the local fishing industry, depriving families of income.

“Most of us depend on fishing as our source of income, but now it is impossible. It is difficult to catch a fish, since they have disappeared or migrated due to contamination,” stated Muhammad.

He added that the loss of a once-thriving fishing environment, is making it impossible for families to sustain themselves.Muhammad urged the County Government of Mombasa, to restore the once flourishing beach, for the well-being of the local community.

Courtesy; KNA

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