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Residents warned against taking law into their hands

Residents warned against taking law into their hands


Thursday, April 25, 2024,

KNA by Kamanja Maeria

Residents of Igembe South Sub County have been warned against taking the law into their own hands following an incident which saw a 25 year old Dennis Matheta burnt to ashes by an angry mob.

The suspect was believed to have been stealing livestock and poultry around Kimongoro, Ankamia and Akachiu in Igembe South sub-county.

According to the angry residents, the man has been caught severally and escaped with minor beating but on Wednesday morning, the situation escalated when he was caught red handed escaping with around 20 chickens from the neighbourhood, where angry residents beat the man and set his body ablaze.

The area OSC Samada cautioned the residents not to be taking laws into their hands maintaining that, “we strongly condemn this act of violence and lawlessness and we urge the residents to allow justice system to perform its mandate.”

The law enforcement officer said they would not tolerate such acts which compromised the law and justice in the community.

He reiterated the importance of law, peace and order and urged the residents to report any suspected criminal incident for the law to take its course.

The OSC maintained that his office is doing all it could to crack down any incidence of crime including smoking out illicit brewers.

He further called the community policing to be extra vigilant and to continue liaising with the security agencies in ensuring law and order is maintained.

Courtesy; KNA

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