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Rider gang suspect lynched

Rider gang suspect lynched


Sunday, March 17 2024,

KNA by Bernard Munyao/Anjilwa Francis

A middle-aged man suspected of being part of a gang terrorizing university students was killed by public and university students on Friday night.

The incident occurred at around 10:30 pm after the students and other members of the public cornered the suspects moments after a gang of motorbike riders attempted to violently rob of a third-year student’s phone.

According to Martin Gitonga, an eyewitness at the scene, reported that the motorbike rider was with three other riders who managed to escape.

Gitonga reported that the deceased’s motorbike failed to ignite after stealing a student’s mobile phone, who screamed for help.

“When the student who was coming from the university heading towards St. Mary’s area screamed, those who were around the scene responded to the cry for help and managed to catch the rider who was running to escape,” added Gitonga.

The individual stated that by the time police arrived, the young man had already been lynched. Students are expressing concern over the rise in thefts of personal items, claiming that criminals are using motorcycles to commit these crimes.

One of the students, Cyrus Muthiani said they are usually attacked at night as they walk to their hostels from the university.

Muthiani reflected how in January, two men who were riding a motorcycle attacked and robbed him of his laptop as he was coming out of the university at around 8pm. He alleged those behind the theft usually use motorcycles so as to enable them escape under cover of darkness.

Students called the county commander of police to deploy officers and patrol the roads connecting the university especially at night.

“We scared to carry out our studies at the university library after 7pm since we fear to be attacked as we walk to hostels,” said Rose Wanjiku, a fourth-year student.

The students also urged the county government to repair street lights saying the lights stopped to work a year ago. Wanjiku expressed hope that repaving street lights will enhance security along the roads used to access the university.

“Repairing the street lights will boost security along the roads we use to access the university and we hope our plea will be attended to,” added Wanjiku.

The body of the deceased was taken to Murang’a level 5 hospital for postmortem as police embarked to carry out investigations on the incident.

Courtesy; KNA

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