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Scorching heat wave sweeps across Meru County

Scorching heat wave sweeps across Meru County


Monday, March 18, 2024

KNA by Dickson Mwiti/Sumaiya Abdi

For the past few weeks, temperatures in Meru County have been soaring, leaving residents sweating profusely, disrupting normal activities. Vendors and traders in markets have not been spared by the heat, some of whom have been forced to halt their movements, and market traders leave their stalls to seek shelter from nearby shop corridors.

According to the County Director of Meteorological Services Justin Murithi, the county recorded the highest temperatures of up to 34°c in the past few weeks.

He further explained that this heat is an aftermath of the El Nino rains adding that from April the temperatures are expected to subside with the onset of the rainy season.

“There is a lot of moisture present from the past rains of October to January thus there is wetness which enhances evaporation bringing water vapour into the atmospheric environment. With this sun heating, a greenhouse effect is enhanced which is a warming element.”

“When there is a local influx of moisture in the atmosphere, then the sensation of temperature will be higher,” Mr Murithi said.

He bat the same time cautioned residents to avoid walking during mid-day and always stay hydrated. Murithi also pointed out that this kind of weather carries a lot of flu due to the winds blowing dust thus residents should be cautioned to mostly stay indoors.

Ms Mary Gakii, a Mitumba seller at Gakoromone market lamented that the heat has affected her business by making her clothes fade, hence losing colour and appeal which dissuades customers from buying.

“I have lost many customers for the past few weeks. Sometimes I hide in shops when thetemperatures are very high thus customers don’t find me next to my stock of clothes and they walk away,” said Ms Gakii.

Gilbert Kirinya, a cabbage seller at the same market said that due to the increased heat, his cabbages often lose colour and rot fast thus, he is forced to sell them at low prices because the customers don’t trust their quality.

Ms Ann Makena, a potato seller at the market said she is experiencing losses as her potatoes are rotting because of the intense heat and she is also forced to sell them at low prices to avoid further loss.

The County meteorological director advised residents to bear with the current weather condition adding that the situation will be changing soon with the onset of rains expected in the next few weeks.

Courtesy; KNA

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