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Security officers recover three AK 47 rifles from local herders

Security officers recover three AK 47 rifles from local herders


Tuesday, April 23, 2024

KNA by Abduba Mamo/David Nduro

Police officers, today, received three AK 47 rifles and four rounds of ammunition, when herders at Daaba Trading Centre at Ngaremara Ward in Isiolo County surrendered them to the authorities.

Confirming the surrender, Isiolo Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Mr. Patrick Musango, said that two rifles and three rounds of ammunition were surrendered to the Multi-agency team, who were on operation in the area.

He said another AK 47 with one bullet and a Magazine were also surrendered by a young man to the Daaba Chief, yesterday, morning.

Mr. Musango attributed the isolated cases of insecurity in the area to the presence of firearms that are in the wrong hands, adding that those who are in possession of the weapons use them to steal animals and ambushing motorists along the roads.

He added that the government would pardon those who will volunteer to surrender the illegal firearms.

The Administrator said the area lagged behind in development due to insecurity and investors would not put-up business where security was a problem.

The DCC warned politicians who incited the youth to violence that the government would not spare them, since intelligence indicated that they were mostly responsible for creating unnecessary tension among communities.

Mr. Musango said the government has sealed all the loopholes used by criminals to steal and free the animals, adding that ‘maliza uhalifu’ security operation was out to eradicate the vice.

He further added that five camels that were stolen two weeks ago, have been recovered at Daaba area and handed to the owners.

The Administrator also said that the government would apply the ‘Modogashe declaration’ where criminals and their families would be forced to compensate theft victims four times the number stolen as a penalty.

Courtesy; KNA

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