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Sh 90 million water project for West Pokot

Sh 90 million water project for West Pokot


Thursday May 9 2024

KNA by Anthony Melly / Agneta Chebet

The government has launched a Sh 90 million water project aimed at providing sustainable access to clean water for more than 50,000 households in West Pokot County.

Water and Sanitation PS Julius Korir launched the Muruny-Chepareria water project, which holds great importance as it aims to address the water needs of the communities residing in Chepareria, Kipkomo, Senetwa, and Ywalateke within the Pokot South Constituency.

Korir also conducted the ground-breaking ceremony for the Mtembur-Kitalakapel water project to improve accessibility of the commodity in Kapenguria Constituency.

The PS disclosed that more than 11,000 households in locations of Mtembur and Kitalekapel including Kopoch Trading Centre and Raila Road Junction will receive benefits from the Mtembur-Kitalakapelr water project.

He revealed that the water pipeline will cater to essential government establishments and multiple educational facilities situated along its assigned path.

‘‘Access to clean and reliable water is essential for public health, education, and economic prosperity, making this project a crucial investment in the well-being and advancement of the local population,’’ he said.

The PS emphasized that the introduction of two water initiatives by the government signifies significant progress in promoting water security and improving the quality of life for residents in the area.

Korir noted that the launch of the water project in the region further underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring access to clean water for its citizens.

The PS elaborated that the Muruny Chepareria water project is set to benefit over 50,000 households in Chepareria, Kipkomo, Senetwo, Ywalateke, and Morpus within the Bartei location.

He mentioned that the project represents a major step forward in enhancing the quality of life for a large segment of the community.

He further revealed that the water project is expected to have a significant impact on the community, enhancing their health, sanitation, and general welfare.

Korir revealed that the water project ability was to generate 3 million liters of water daily emphasizes its substantial scale and potential influence.

He disclosed that the water project not only tackles current water scarcity issues, but also establishes the foundation for continuous socio-economic growth and enhanced quality of life for the residents.

He observed that the significant amount of water would unquestionably ease the hardship on inhabitants who had to travel far to find this vital resource before.

‘‘The project’s aim to bring clean water closer to their homes will not only enhance the overall quality of life for these communities but also reduce the time and effort required,’’ PS Korir said.

He stated that the availability of dependable water sources can yield extensive advantages, ranging from enhancing health and sanitation to bolstering economic endeavors and agricultural progress.

Korir highlighted the importance of the initiative in reducing waterborne diseases, emphasizing the crucial role it plays in protecting public health in the county.

‘‘The objective of the water initiative for residents is to improve the health and well-being of local communities by addressing health risks associated with contaminated water sources. This initiative aims to alleviate the burden of preventable illnesses caused by water-related issues,’’ he said.

Korir stated that incorporating a gravity system is crucial for guaranteeing the enduring sustainability of the fundamental water supply infrastructure.

‘‘By employing a gravity-based system for water distribution, the need for intricate pumping mechanisms is significantly reduced, resulting in lower energy consumption. Consequently, this enhances the system’s reliability and resilience,’’ the PS stated.

Korir also emphasized the significance of effective governance and optimal resource utilization in advancing development and securing financial backing for water-related projects in counties.

Area Governor Simon Kachapin noted that the launch of the water initiative underscores the fundamental importance of access to clean and safe water for the residents of West Pokot County and emphasized the importance of the water initiative, underscoring the county government’s dedication to prioritizing the welfare of its residents.

He extended his appreciation to various stakeholders, including the European Union, Water Sector Trust Fund, and Kapenguria Water and Sewerage Company, for their contribution towards the successful implementation of the water project in the county.

Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto expressed his gratitude for the contributions made by various stakeholders in the water project, noting that it demonstrates the collaborative approach taken by all those involved and their shared dedication to ensuring water security and enhanced sanitation in the region.

On his part, West Pokot Deputy County Commissioner Wycliffe Munanda, conveyed his appreciation to the sponsors of the water project, emphasizing that the project has significantly enhanced the quality of life for numerous residents.

Also present was the Water Trust Fund CEO Willis Ombai.

Courtesy: KNA

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